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The Family Wellness Workers contribute to the social and emotional wellbeing of all people within the geographic area of Kneehill County, with a primary focus on child-related services.

Family Wellness Workers

  • provide social and emotional support to youth, families, and other community members;

  • develop, promote and coordinate preventive, family, and personal wellness sessions for schools and the community; and

  • provide information and referrals to community members regarding other helping agencies and work cooperatively with other agencies to promote overall wellness.

        Central Office           

           Phone:     403-443-3800


        Three Hills/PCA/Carbon

            Contact:  Yvonne Wilson

                             Three Hills 403-443-2460

                             PCA 403-443-3800

                             Carbon 403-572-3448




            Contact:   Keara McGhee

                             Acme 403-546-4379

                             Linden 403-546-2594

                             Trochu 403-443-4214


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